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Like many children, I was passionate about drawing. As an adult, I still am. Playing with colour, line, shape and form can keep the imagination alive and provide a wonderful romp for the inner child...hence my special interest in children's illustration.


In no particular order, I also love to draw or paint :

anything from nature, flowers, pattern, still life, pots, bowls, children and animals, anthropomorphically and otherwise.


I'm comfortable using :

pencils, watercolour, gouache, inks, pens, paper, fabric, thread and most recently, my index finger (on the ipad).   Added ingredients include : colour, both bold and delicate, simplicity, story-telling and a frequent dash of humour.


I have illustrated a children's book called "The Bush Jumper" written by Jean Chapman and published originally by ABC Books, now by Harper Collins. You can find a selection of the illustrations by looking in the Gallery.











Recently I've been experimenting with drawing on the inside of eggshells. Here's a link to a little youtube clip about that, made by my good friend Charly. Just click on the photo below.



I've now opened an Etsy shop, called LiltingBird, where you can buy some of my artwork as cards. At the moment you can choose from

a set of watercolour bird cards or a set of black and white cards for colouring-in. Coming soon... a range of eggshell drawings to buy

(as seen in the video above).

                      Click on this link to go to my Etsy shop......

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